Mudthroat Issue No. 4


"Every year, legions of brave flowers paint their own small flags anew and line them out in rings and clusters, to fly before the sun and all its dependents."

The fourth Mudthroat Records compilation, "Under New Flags", frames a magnitude of works. Compiled by the two Mudthroat Sisters, Eleanor and Julia; Under New Flags compiles works from over thirty-four contributing various format artist. In addition, the issue features an intimate twenty-four song collection from contributing bands and solo artists. These works weave together freshly into a brave zine format collection that will be available in extremely limited quality here at The Old Well. 

Now Featuring Grizzly Records

Glorious 7"s and Tapes now in-stock

DUDES - NARCISSISTS ANONYMOUS  / Jacob Turnbloom - Death Tape 1 /  Mrs. Magician - Prescription Vision/ White Birds - White Birds /  Drug Wars - 9846/  Boomsnake Re/Visions / D/Wolves - Freak of Nature  


Record Store Day 2012

The Old Well is pleased to announce our second year participating in Record Store Day! Join us this Saturday, April 21st for an in-store performance by Paul Cruz of Grand Canyon Sundown. We’ll be starting up the BBQ and enjoying this awesome spring weather while you enjoy 20% off VINYL PURCHASES. Not to mention free limited-edition shirts and exclusive releases* for this event only. Record Store Day is celebrated the third Saturday of every April by independently owned records stores worldwide. Check out the link for more info and be sure to get up here and support RSD 2012 at The Old Well.

*While supplies last, exclusive releases will not be discounted.


Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving

The Old Well celebrated Thanksgiving a little early this year with a new universal
tradition. A sort of music festival meets potluck known as Snowgoose Global
Thanksgiving. Victor Villasenor, Oceanside local and Pulitzer Prize nominated author,
is the original source of Snow Goose ; free festivals for peace. All around the world
on the same day, Snow Goose connects souls, hearts, and minds through music and sharing food.
Snowgoose embodies the best values of Thanksgiving and invites the world to join in coming together through music and food, wherever they are. For nineteen years Victor Villasenor at his Rancho in Oceanside, California and others all over the world have celebrated and by coming together for harmony on this date. This year we joined them at The Old Well.
Snow was forcasted for the event so the volunteers and I started early in
putting our souls, hearts, and minds together for the idea of Sunday being sunny. While
setting up early Sunday morning it was very cloudy but not raining. Immediately once
my friends and I arrived at the well, we walked up onto the hill and joined hands and
envisioned the Sun bursting through the clouds. As more of my friends arrived that
morning to help out with the event we continued to join hands to keep the rain at bay.
We set up tarps over benches. For the performers we lit a fire pit and gathered seating around it. We worked with what we had and improvised. Families and friends were together. The warmth of the fire and our food provided our hearts with warmth throught the rain. In true Thanksgiving spirit, we decided to play a game of football in the street as people arrived. My good friends Anthony Helm and Dominic Bennett kicked off the festivities in song and founded the days community vibe in The Old Wellʼs little backyard. We invited people we met from the streets to join us in enjoying good music and food, and we even joined by local musicians Paul Cruz and his daughter Jordan Affeldt-Cruz.
The event also featured poetry from Blue, Donny Madison, and myself. Flips and tricks by Drew Butler-Brown. As the evening set in it started to drizzle. We pulled the fire closer to the music. Dominic and Tony closed the event with another awesome set with Paul Cruz joining them.
We ended with nine of us. A candle lighting and moment of silence for harmony and
peace at sunset. Everyone joining in the celebrations all over joined us wherever they
were at sunset  and created oneness for a complete moment leading us closer to
world peace.
Thank you to all who volunteered their time and supplies. To those who performed and brought food. To the Old Well, and its proprietor Forest Seguin, for being host. To everyoneʼs harmonious energy making Snow Goose such a good time. It rained all day everywhere else except where we were until the evening, and even then, the fire kept its life throughout the night. World peace is possible.
“World harmony is happening and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it." -Victor
Conor Gernandt


There was an impressive showing of young monsters around the neighborhood for halloween. Now snow in early November! All very exciting stuff. The seasons change and once again the Christmas lights are up on main street. The Old Well is changing too, we have had a lot of guests in the store during Apple Days and to see how the shop has grown is inspirational. We also marked our one year anniversary, and are now getting ready for the holiday season that is fast approaching. 

Our record selection is growing as well as our vintage clothing element. We are working to launch our online store with good results so far. We are working on a cornucopia of awesome in-store performances for the coming year. The Old Well is becoming it's own entity! What an exciting time. Please be our guests. Store hours will be expanded to 10am this winter and we are available off hours by appointment. Thank you, may the coming changes of life reflect brightly upon you.  

Forrest Seguin

photo 1.JPG

Apple Days 2011

Yet another successful Apple Days weekend! Thanks to everyone who came to hang out. Ed, I hope that turntable works wonders for you. Speaking of turntables, we will be stocking a new line of turntables the month, as well as launching our webstore. We have new vintage, as well as Polyvinyl record releases! Our sechedule for this winters in-stores will be posted to the site soon as well. A big thanks to this awesome storm for coming in and knocking out the Great Fire. Happy Apple days.

The Sun also Sets

We will be closed the September 16-18th. Please contact 760 527-5416 if you have an urgent business need. The Old Well will resume regular business hours, 11am-4:30pm Wednesday-Sunday next week. Thanks for your support. Further, congratulations to Tad Samuelson and Sam Feld.

Come On Over

 One jacket, one lama, one man with his guitar. Seattle has received a song crafter with talent comparable to a young Jack Tempchin. We are happy that Justin could make it by on his west coast jaunt.

Justin Froese - August 28th @ 2pm


Happy to announce Justin Froese will be perfroming live Sunday, August 28th, in-store! Between his solo project and his full band, Taming the Fox; Justin administers playful and dedicated song writing. His crafty production work was also nominated for a SDMA for "Make it Last" by the Smart Brothers. We are happy to have Justin to perfrom live, you can also catch his upcoming show at the Belly Up August 20th. Our in-store kicks off @ 2pm, and is free. 

Limited Edition Abhorrently Yours Ep's

The folk stylings of "Abhorrently Yours" new limited edition Ep, is graceful and connected. Featuring Cori Rush, Ray Ream, Brett Wood, Pablo Aguilar, and Mr. Lee William's; performing "Bits and Shame", and "Across the Room". The limited release is available now at The Old Well.

Pleased to announce that this coming Saturday, July 30th; Hotel St. George will be performing an exclusive in-store at The Old Well. We will be rolling out a magical rug in the back yard, with festivities including a tie-dye shirt station and a lama petting zoo. (No heavy heavy petting allowed) Looking forward to spending an awesome afternoon with you; this free event is kicking off at 1pm/ see you there. 


Nicio and Cedar Fire

nico and the cedar fire.jpg

Inspired by actual events, Nicio and the Cedar Fire is the tale of a Native American fireman who, ignoring evacuation warnings; fights to save his own home from a devastating forest fire; reminisces about his family and childhood; dreams about pre-columbian Mesoamerican gods: and is ultimately saved by a Thunderbird.

Written by his sister Gina and Illistrated by his sister Rosario. Nicio dropped into the Old Well to discuss the book, its role in his life; his career as a fireman and his compassion for the victims of Cedar Fire; the wildfire that burned 280,278 acres, claiming 15 lives and 2, 232 homes.

Pick up an autographed copy of the limited edition book at the Old Well. A portion of the proceeds benefiting Nicio's efforts in fire prevention and awareness.

Summer Breeze

We here at the Old Well are gearing up for a big Independence Day. The Julian parade in town is kicking off at noon. Stop by the Old Well to check out new in-stock metal lp's. 20% off clothing and BBQ action. Cheers!

The Ross Sea Party @ The Old Well June 5th

The Ross Sea Party has crossed the great ice barrier from Los Angeles and will be coming to the Old Well on June Fifth as a part of a West Coast mini tour. The Ross Sea Party will have their Plains of Id Ep on hand, which includes "Broken Arrows". A great way to kick off June, come see The Ross Swim Party at the Old Well, June 5th.  

Record Store Day

Record Store day is upon us. This is the 5th year of this national event. Record Store Day ties together over 700 independently operated record stores across the country. The Old Well will be offering %15 off of all in-store vinyl. There will be jams, and a bbq in the back. Check the link above to see all participating stores and to find out more.  



The Smart Brothers In-Store Sunday April 10th 2pm

The Smart Brothers  will be stopping into the Old Well, Sunday April 10th. They will be performing cuts off of their new record, Make It Last, which has been in steady rotation here at the store for the past few months. Check them out later that night at Wynola Pizza express down the road. We are super pumped to have the Brothers back for an an in-store. Come check it out, The bbq will be hot and there is a spot in the grass with your name on it. Also be sure to check out the upcoming in-stores in the new in-store section of the site soon to come. 

Typewriters and Tijuana

What a cool experience getting to meet Jeremy Mayer. His art work of typewriter assemblage is mind blowing. Jemery, Delilah, thank you for supporting The Old Well and I looking forward to seeing you again soon. Check out Mr. Mayer's work here.  


Adventure and exploration. Good God! Espacio Freelance, Tijuana is launching an installation today. As a woman who frequently visits Mexico shared with me while riding her Bicycle in Anza Borrego, "Bad news travels fast, good news not so much." Espacio Freelance will be doing good work, in photography and beyond, be sure to check it out.