Mr. Ed Kruer

The Old Well would like to congratulate Martin for his pilgrimage to the store. Bringing an awesome vibe and picking up some nice digs. Thanks for turning me me onto The Only Ones as well.

It is Halloween weekend! Here at the Old Well have geared up in the spirit of the season with fog machines, lazers, and candy. Sunday hours will be extended to 8pm to accommodate child and adult trick or treaters. I have hung the mini Jason head lights and we are ready to roll.

We have received in a shipment of records from a Mr. Ed Kruer of Norfolk VA! He sent us his records, which include some choice early seventies rock digs. Thank you Mr. Kruer, It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife. I admire deeply that you took the time to send us this lovely vinyl.

We also have also stocked new inventory of assorted Wrangler, H Bar C, Rockmount, Champion, and Karman western shirts. We have are offering all of our western clothing at a ten percent discount for those that present themselves from the music and art community.

Thank you to all the customers who have come by the well and signed up for our email list! Julie, Liz, Heather, Bob, Regina, Grace, Tatetha; it was a pleasure meeting you today and I will be gathering recourses for the first email blast shortly. Everyone have a safe and fun halloween!