Thank you Sesa and Jill for coming into visit the store yesterday and picking up some great digs. The weather has been absolutely fantastic. This January spring showing inspires nature exploration...

The Old Well is now including women's vintage as well as men's in conjunction with California Vintage Connect. The items in the store are exclusive and won't be sold in the on line store. In addition all men's clothing is 20% for the next few weeks. We are hoping also to be one of the exclusive retailers of Shwood sunglasses. More information on that to come soon, but you can check out there online store now. 


Borrego Art Circle

The "Circle of Art" in Borrego Springs raises money for scholarships in education for the Borrego Springs school district. This years event will mark the 25th year that the Circle of Art has been going. Featuring over 70 artist, the circle is a representation of the communities diverse artistic community. The Old Well is proud to be a supporter. Please come to the event March 19-20th, we will be there representing.


Hamburger Eyes

In stock; Hamburger Eyes photo zines. I was originally turned onto this zine years back with their Hamburger Ears publication. The smashing candid music photography of that publication is some of the best i've seen. This series of zines are individual in nature. They feature a number of different photographers capturing a cornucopia of imagery. Get inspired. Document, document, document... The new series of Hamburger Eyes are a limited edition. Feast your meaty eyes. 


The Burning of Rome Release Limited Edition 45's

The Burning of Rome has released a limited edition colored vinyl 45 including, Island (Demo), and Cowboy Death-Pop Star. This record will be featured at the store this month. The band is currently working on their third full length album, due out this coming May. The band is working with grammy award winning producer Tom Biller, who most recently co-produced Karen O and the Kids' soundtrack rendition for "Where the Wild Things Are" and the newest Liars offering "Sisterworld"

Catch The Burning of Rome at the Soda Bar on the 5th of February.

Adam and Joe of the band dropped by the store a month or two ago on their way back from a desert pilgrimage. Adam meddled on the store pump organ in this candid moment.




Birds and Batteries - Panorama

Panorama - The new release from Birds and Batteries (SF), is now available on limited edition vinyl at The Old Well. I was honored to play records opening for Birds and Batteries for their San Diego date of their nation wide tour at the Soda Bar last week... Listening to the record for the past week, I have decided that Birds and Batteries is writing prudent music with a distinct quality that intertwines experimentation with dedicated song craft. Pick up Panorama on your next visit, the record is streaming from their website in full, be sure to give them a listen.   




The Smart Brothers & Jack McGruff In-Store Saturday Nov. 27th

On Saturday November 27th at 12pm, The Old Well will be playing host to an in-store performance by both The Smart Brothers and Jack McGruff

The Smart Brothers wil be playing at Bailey's BBQ later that evening and there will be tickets for the concert available at the store, along with their new album, Make it Last

This will be the first in-store performance at the Old Well, your support is appreciated and welcome. Thank you to everyone who is helping making this event possible.



Mr. Ed Kruer

The Old Well would like to congratulate Martin for his pilgrimage to the store. Bringing an awesome vibe and picking up some nice digs. Thanks for turning me me onto The Only Ones as well.

It is Halloween weekend! Here at the Old Well have geared up in the spirit of the season with fog machines, lazers, and candy. Sunday hours will be extended to 8pm to accommodate child and adult trick or treaters. I have hung the mini Jason head lights and we are ready to roll.

We have received in a shipment of records from a Mr. Ed Kruer of Norfolk VA! He sent us his records, which include some choice early seventies rock digs. Thank you Mr. Kruer, It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife. I admire deeply that you took the time to send us this lovely vinyl.

We also have also stocked new inventory of assorted Wrangler, H Bar C, Rockmount, Champion, and Karman western shirts. We have are offering all of our western clothing at a ten percent discount for those that present themselves from the music and art community.

Thank you to all the customers who have come by the well and signed up for our email list! Julie, Liz, Heather, Bob, Regina, Grace, Tatetha; it was a pleasure meeting you today and I will be gathering recourses for the first email blast shortly. Everyone have a safe and fun halloween!

Renovation Complete

Renovation Complete! To recap, The Old Well officially opened durning the weekend of Apple days. The Store hours are Wednesday through Sunday 11am to 4pm. I would like to thank once again all of my friends and family that have made this project possible, along with the musicians and arts that push onward and provide ongoing inspiration. We are now through our first month and I we are working diligently on our live music aspect along with new inventory and web design. Thank you to those who have signed up for the mailing list to keep up with all things "well". Cheers.


A major store renovation is taking place in what is now late August. Store hours will be modified to accompany the renovation process. We will be closed this weekend and Monday Tuesday of next week.  The new renovations will be a great improvement and well worth the time and energy spent! Our big grey friend here is Alexander!

Open for Business

A big thank you is in order for making this 4th of July very special. I could not of managed the soft opening with out your help. Be looking for new inventory and layout to emerge in the coming months. Thanks again, more news to come. 



Soft Opening / July 3rd

There is a good feeling about the coming soft opening tentatively scheduled for the first weekend of July. I hope to have more information regarding the subject in the coming week. As for now all energy is going into renovation and the process of inventory. More information will be on this site as it is develops. There will be a bbq and live music. I know this much.